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Introducing some of our selected health and beauty products, which we have sourced for you. they are all competatively priced and checked for safety / suitability by us.....

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“Tea - In - A - Capsule”

products - with all ingredients, capsules and bottles source from Australian Suppliers

PO1  “White Light” - Easy Home Teeth Whitening Kit    

P01  TeethWhitenerI
P01  TeethWhitenerII

per kit:  $49.00

Our Easy to use home teeth whitening kit for those who do not have time to fit in a visit to our clinic

this is a self administered teeth whitening system but we implore you...

follow the instructions and

to avoid developing sensitive teeth - ensure you DO NOT over expose yourself beyond the recommended whitening time

PO2 Facial Massage Brush            

P02  FacialBrushI
P02  FacialBrushII

per brush kit: $45.00

This fabulous dermal brush will envigorate and energise your face

You have seen them advertised for over 3 times our price and ours comes with additional attachments  which help improve the overall value of your purchase

PO3 Coverup / Concealer Makeup              

Five tubes for only: $30.00

P03  CoverUpMakeup

Fabulous makeup concealer / coverup makeup in a range of different tones to suit variations in complexion and to develop shadow

PO4 Massive Individual Eyelash Tray Kit         

the whole tray set is only : $25.00

P04  EyeLashKit

This set of eyelashes will last a long time these eyelash extension are 12mm long, thick individual eye lashes.

PO5 Waterproof Eyelash Adhesive                      

per tube is only : $15.00

P05  EyeLashGlue2

This large tube of waterproof eyelash adhesive is essential to attach the lashes in your tray to your upper eye lids


PO6 Disposable Glue and Eyelash dispenser Ring   

10 rings are only: $15.00

P06  EyeLashGlueCup

the Essential Disposable Glue Rings are a fabulous idea.

Each ring has two separate compartments - in one you can hold and manage the individual eyelashes

and in the other compartment you can place a measured amount of waterproof eyelash adhesive


PO7 Liquid Eyeliner                               

each eyeliner is only: $15.00

P07  LiquidEyeLiner

Cutely packaged liquid eyeliner

economical and easy to use eyeliner with applicator


PO8 Anti-Ageing / Anti-Wrinkle Cream

each only: $45.00

P08  AntiWrinkle

24K gold anti-aging and anti-wrinkle eye essence cream

30ml 100% original 


PO9 Collagen Cream for overnight repair   

each only: $45.00

P09  Collagen


50G,100% brand new and authentic 


P10 Hit Time easy to use Eye liner Pen  

each only: $17.00

P10  EyeLinerPen

Cosmetic Eyeliner easy to use...

Great when applying initial makeup and

then handy for “on-the-run” repair / refreshening


P11 Waterproof Eyelash Adhesive   

per tube is only : $15.00

P11  EyeLashGlue

This is another large phial of waterproof eyelash adhesive is essential to attach artificial eye lashes to your eyelids


P12 Chinese Stone remedial Bracelet

each only : $55.00

P12  StoneBracelet

This is an authentic chinses medical/remedial stone bracelet

This Energy Stone Bracelet comporises 10mm Black stones

It is commonly used for general healthcare,  treatment for insomnia, releif from fatigue.

It absorbs radiation, releaves the pain of arthritis and other general aging aches and pains

P13 Yili Boyo Slimming Cream Gel                          

each tube only : $20.00

P13  SlimGel

85ML Yili Bolo Body Fifth Generation Body Slimming Gel Cream

Hot Chili for Weight Loss


the ideal activator for use with the following slimming aids

P14 Suana effect Limb Slimming Wrap

P15 Suana effect Waist Slimming Wrap                                                                             

Limb Wrap only : $17.00

Waist Wrap only : $17.00

P14  LimbTrimmer
P15  WaistTrimmer

These reusable slimming wraps are designed to hold the hot suana Yili Boto chilli cream close to your skin for best and fastest benefit

They are best used when you are doing part of a structured physical exercise regime like regular walking or gym work


P16 Nose Contouring Clip                                                                        

each only : $17.00

P16  NoseShaper

An Overnight treatement for a slimmer, more aquiline, profiled nose

Gently massages your nose overnight as you sleep

P17 Magnetic Toe Ring                                                                       

each only : $17.00

P17  ToeRing

Experience the gentle benefits of magnetic fields

New Magnetic Silicon Foot Massage Fashion Toe Ring

Suitable to aid Weight Loss, enhance a Slimming regime and

Easy Body Healthy

P18 Cosmetic Concealer Tray / Kit                                                                

each only : $20.00

P18  Concealer

A generous  range of easy to apply cosmetic concealer powders

In a 15 Color Concealer Camouflage Makeup Palette Set

The variety of shades allows you to use different complexions to build up shadows into your facial contours

P19 Overnight Chin Strap                                                          

each only : $20.00

P19  ChinStrap

This well designed chin strap will help recontour your facee by gently massaging your under chin overnight as you sleep

A simple beauty aid which has been relied on for many years by generations of ladies.

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