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Training the Ambitious to be the Excellent

Welcome to the A.E.B.H. Training School course information page. We are a premier provider of Electrolysis, Beauty and Hair short courses. Our goal is to provide you the very best in training for your chosen career. 

Our quality control standards are high. Our staff are among the best in the beauty industry and from her picture, you can see, Anecita, our founding Director, is a living testimony to her own skills in beauty therapy.

Our goal is simple, to train “the Ambitious to be the Excellent”.  

For more detailed descriptions of any course, go to the Courses Detail Pages listed under each of the Electrolysis, Hair, Beauty and Nails Pages. 

Terms of Engagement

A.E.B.H. Training and Services will accept applications only on  our application form . Full terms and conditions are printed on the application form.

Fees for face to face short courses are payable

20%  On Application 

Balance (80%) 1 week prior to commencement of the course.

Before 1 week prior to commencement of any short course, a student may elect to switch to an alternative course provided any fee increase is paid with application

Within one week of a course commencing switching will only be accepted in extreme circumstances of sickness (requiring a medical certificate) or other evidenced event.

After the course has commenced - no refund will be considered, however, if a students absence is due to events beyond their control (example illness or death in the immediate family), the student will be advised when the course is next to run and be eligible to enroll for the absent days, at no additional cost (ie full credit for their original booking.


For Full Diploma only

Only by prior agreement, 9 Progress Payments, monthly of 10% from commencement of the Diploma course, on presentation of our invoice.


For ALL Distance Learning Short Courses - Fees are 100% prior to dispatch of materials

For our Diploma by Distance - the Diploma material will be issued progressive and payment for each section must be paid before any section is dispatched, this will be advised once registered


A.E.B.H. Vocational Short Course Training Programs:

Note: More details and payment processing is available under the Courses: Diploma, Beauty, Hair, Nail and Business Basics Page Tabs


Certificate in Business Basics

If you commence a business venture in Australia today, you have only a 5% likely hood of still being in that business in 5 years time.

This course will improve your chances of being part of the successful and surviving 5% and not among the 95% of businesses which fail.

We have structured this course to make you aware and to “wet your appetite” for the things to consider when bringing your business to life and nurturing it for success.


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