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Training the Ambitious to be the Excellent

You can choose between learning at home or at our premises

We are qualified to assess what you already know (Prior Learning) and consider that when advising what you need to do, instead of just repeation what you already know.

We operate a modern beauty therapy school in Glenroy, Melbourne, Australia

But for many people learning new skills is something which has to fit in around an already busy day.

Please consider  the benefits our distance learning process offers, not only do you save time travelling

You also get the opportunity to repeat lessons when you feel it is need

You are “in control” and can set aside your time, in your busy day, as it fits with your other commitments

So having studied through the “learning” process, on to the “earning” process.

Please check out our “Certification” page for the quality of certificate you are studying for and the opportunities it opens up for your personal monetary reward


Some advise  regarding Recognition of Prior Learning (R.P.L.)

R.P.L. represents the acknowledgement of skills and knowledge obtained through:

  • Formal Training (via Industry of educational process)
  • Work Experience (including formal and informal training)
  • Life Experience


  • Avoid repetition of re-learning what is alreadu known
  • Acknowledges non-academic experience
  • Allows all knowledge and experiences to be considered and  evaluated fairly for recognition

R.P.L. is part of every school and educational institution across Australia

A prospective Student will benefit by completing the necessary application form for consideration of R.P.L. and presenting it at time of enrolment


Anecita Estavilla-Maullin is appropriately qualified to conduct a Student’s R.P.L. assessment and offer a decision to the quality of their prior learning.


Beauty Therapy Courses, including Nails and Electrolysis, are considered “short courses”.

Our Certificate of Completion of a Beauty Therapy course is a valid qualification for anyone wanting to commence work in the beauty industry, either as salon owner, self employed or employee.

Each of our subjects is considered an individual course and has its own exam and Certificate.

You can further upgrade your qualifications once you started practicing

Our Certificate is also valid in many other countries around the world.

However, it is up to each  student to check with overseas local authorities (such as local Health Department or Department of Education) to confirm our Certificate meets local licensing regulations.

Our Hairdressing Courses are also “short courses”.

To operate as a hairdressing business owner you do require Certificate III in Hairdressing to be licenced to operate as a “shop”, which we do not presently offer. However, our courses are sufficient certification for employees and work-from-home operators or for certified hairdresser wishing to extend their skills

If you have any questions we are happy to provide further advise. Our trainer holds two hairdresser licences, one issued for Victoria and one issued for NSW.


Attended Learning is where you physically come to our premises and participate in your class in the traditional manner.

This method of course delivery is most suitable for people with little background or experience in beauty / hair / nail, because it gives them the opportunity to understand and observe, first hand, the many aspects of beauty therapy and client servicing which you only see  in face to face experiences and interactions.

We conduct our course in our fully equipped salon and a conference / presentation facilities in Glenroy Victoria

For course specific details look under the Student Services \Courses: \ Beauty \ Hair \ Nails Tabs.


However, the “tyranny of distance” and convenience does not make this type of learning suitable for all

Please review the options we offer for “Distance Learning”, we have 2 courses presently available and more on the way... for more details look under the Student Services \ Beauty Tab.


Distance Learning:

For many people the opportunity to learn additional skills is limited by current and competing  commitments for their time.

Attending fixed time and date classes is made complex by the demands of present work, family, partner and other commitments.

Maybe young children and no suitable babysitter available or rotating work rosters, both making regular attendance impossible.

Perhaps sheer physical distance or lack of convenient public or private transport makes travelling impractical.

Here at AEBH Training and Services we are packaging our courses into comprehensive “mixed-media” training programs.

These programs are centred around high quality written texts and illustrations, structured with detail thoughout suited to the exact content which they present.

We further support these written words and diagrams / illustrations / photos with  DVD or internet based practical video demonstrations of the training topics on real models.

However, that may not be enough to fully mirror the interaction / involvement gained from attendance learning -

So we have adopted “Skype” as our standard, to allow students to discuss, across the internet, directly  with their teacher / trainer. (We could have chosen any number of messaging services but we feel Skypes video / audio interaction has advantages over other free services.

We do like to conduct final examinations of competency here at our own location. That is important for us to maintain the highest of  standards of our graduates but if that is impossible, for instance overseas students or outside Victoria, we are prepared to allow practical examinations to be done at a distance. Of course theoretical examinations can be done anywhere and submitted for assessment.

To take benefit from our Remote /Out of Hours / Distance learning programs you will, preferably have access to a home computer with broadband internet access. Both of which are becoming more common by the day.

If you do not have access to an internet connected PC, our Programs can be used as printed books, DVD and telephone access to your teacher.

If you are a computer novice, we can also offer initial simple guidlines for buying and setting up your PC and define your minimum internet requirements. We can also advise on alot more in this area of growing importance to all businesses, including building your own commercial website.

You might only live in the next street but your existing commitments maybe to young children elderly parents or to other people in your care, might mean that even a short distance is too far.

the great benefit of our Distance Packages is - you “Learn” at your own pace and when you have the time, which might be outside our teaching hours, at say 11 pm at night or 4 am in the morning...... literally when you have the time. 

Provided you succeed in completing the rigors of the course work, including watching (as many times as you wish) the videos and attain satisfactory results in examination (just the same as though you had actually attended at our premises), you can be confident that you are fully competent and accreditted to practice in your chosen vocation.

Our training will equip you with the professional techniques, background, confidence and accreditation to Practice your chosen vocation but it remains  your opportunity to actually “PRACTICE” your skills which is the only thing which will make you EXCELLENT.

For our “Distance” students that is not a relative disadvantage because the opportunity to “Practice”  on your own clients is a challenge which applies equally to those students who attend for training, here in Glenroy .

All distance learning courses must be paid in full, before the course study content will be released.

Technical Footnote

Our DVDs are designed to play on a wide range of Australian DVD / TV combinations and they will also play on newer Personal Computers (which have appropriate the software)

However, if you experience any problems playing our DVDs, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve any issues


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