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Manicure / Pedicure - Distance Learning

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Certificate in Manicure and Pedicure -

Manicures – maintaining the appearance of the hand, a hand treatment in other words with hand massage to improve circulation and  also  include  shaping and looking after your natural nails clean and well polish, removing the unwanted cuticles, hang nails ,  dead skin , buffing and shinning your natural  nails to keep this healthy and beautiful

Pedicures is exactly the same procedures as the manicures, trim the nails, shape, buff and polish, massage except those who has health problems.

                                          2 x 5 hour sessions

Certificate in Acrylic Nails, French Acrylic Tips, Overlay, Refills, Nail Art   

Acrylic Nails this is also called nail enhancement, for those people who wants and instant long good looking nails by adding plastic nail on the tip of the natural nail, glued and buff to blend with the natural nail.

An acrylic powder and acrylic solution applied together to bond the natural and the nail tips or artificial nail to hold  then this is buffed before applying nail polish.

This needs hours of practice to perfection of the thickness.

French Acrylic tips, is a white false nail glued on to the tip of your nails and bond together as the same procedure as the acrylic nail procedures.

Overlay is using a horse shoe form onto your own nail , buffed , primed, dried then apply an overlay of acrylic mixture the same mixture as the  acrylic nails i.e. acrylic powder and solution.

Nail arts is an individuals art applied to the nails . It is done either foils, nail jewelries, and nail art transfers.                                                                                                                                                                4 x 7 hour sessions

Certificate in Gel Nails -                                

buffed natural nails, primed and dry , glue selected sizes of false plastic nails onto the natural nails . blend than apply gel  and leave for few minutes under the curing lights wipe and ready to polish.                                

                                        2 x 5 hour sessions

Certificate in Manicure/Pedicure

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