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Course Name

Hair Sculpture Foundation

Hair Sculpture Advanced

Creative Hair Design

Hair Perming

Hair Colouring

Men’s Hair Cutting


Ladies Hair Cutting, Presentation and Styling – 

several hair styles to improved looks, density and volume of the hair style, shape of face type of hair to consider before selecting the type of cuts.

solid form – which is  straight cut across and even  called a bob cut

uniform layers – short hair cut the same length all over

Increase layers  - for long hair, short on top and creating different lengths,  layered from top to bottom

Concave- long in front and sides and short at the back

Convex -  long at the back  like “V”  and short on sides and front

Graduation – is cut on the back like steps and feathering, whispy then 1 finger, then 2 fingers then 3 fingers.

                                          5 x 6 hour sessions

Ladies Razor Hair Cutting, Presentation and Styling –                                

 Creative advance hair cutting using  razor and scissors.

                                          2 x 6 hour sessions

Ladies Hair Styling (incl. Long Hair – Up techniques and styles) –                         

– Creative Hair Design – for bridal hair, special occasions  etc. hair ups styling, French roll , dressing hair to the style. Half up half down , curls, use of hot rollers and heated tongs.                                                     

                                          3 x 6 hour sessions

Hair Perming – fan, bricking, double texture, directional –             

to improve hair volume  use double texture , learn and when to use different techniques in perming.

                                          4 x 7 hour sessions

Colouring – tips, foils, highlights, corrective treatments, this course requires students to participate in home studies including technical theory-                               

how to apply tips using foils , proper highlights colour. Corrective treatments  those hairs turn green or orange after colouring WHY??? Know the answer.

                                          2 x 8 hour sessions

Men’s Hair Cutting – 

uniform layers
flat top
fire fly 
shape and blend 
all over shave using clippers

                                          3 x 6 hour sessions








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