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AEBH Basic Business Course



If you start up a business venture in Australia (or most other countries) today

you have only a 5% likely hood of still being in that business in 5 years time.

This course is designed to improve your chances of being part of the 5% which succeed


avoid becoming part of the 95% of businesses which fail

We have structured this course to make you aware of some of the important  things you just consider when bringing your business to life and  nurturing it for success.

This course will not give you the Answers

but it will equip you with some of the Questions you will to research / find the answers to for yourself

- before you invest heavily with either your time or your money!



Course Name

Business Basics


The basics needed to start a successful business:

Build a Plan, a Style and an Image –

having a business plan starts with defining “Who I am, where I am going and how I will stand out from the crowd “

Marketing, Promotion and Advertising –                                        

Getting the word (the business) out there

No Customers = No Business -         

Finding my clients

Client Appointment –                                                                         

When they come and how to manage their arrival

Ethical Client Servicing –                                                                    

Why they will come back

Client Pricing / Billing –                                                                       

Why I want them to come in the first place

GST and BAS, Workcare and Insurances –                                      

We all hate bureaucracy

Back to the beginning and the Business Plan –                              

How to make it work / worthwhile

(aka Bringing it all together)

                                                  5 x 7 hour sessions




This is our  business “help” catalogue...

Many of the things you need to ask about but do not want to spend a fortune in time or money finding out about.

These are topics which offer challenges for many of those running any small business, not just the beauty therapy industry.

Our tutorial service is competitively priced and you get to ask the things you want to know about, not just the things someone wants to tell you

Our hands-on, “start-up” approach and manner for these courses is friendly and supportive, we all had to start at some time and supporting mentors are essential

we have the grey hair which accompanies “experience of life” and professional credentials to know what is mere flim-flam, what is useful and what is absolutely essential

remember - the only “dumb” question is the one someone does not ask!














Tutoring Topic

Salon Policy &  Procedures Manual

Staff Training Manual

Basic                 Book-keeping

BAS / GST / ASIC / Work Cover Insurance

Web Pages Explained


Web SIte Building  Services

Small Business Branding / Marketing / Advertising & Promoting     Your Business

Business Branding Pack

Basic Computer Understanding

Budgets, Plans and Cash Flow

Free Range

Profit Mechanics


the business essential for ensuring a smooth operation when you are both in attendance and away.... your staff will welcome this easy to read and direct procedures manual, provided in word format, you can customise the individual sections to your specific need

another business operational essential - trained staff are more productive and more likely to be “self-starters”, requiring less of your time for supervision

The fundamentals of double entry bookkeeping.... its been around for about 400 years and even with computers, it has not changed

Do not be mystified anymore, You too need to understand how they -

“keep score” of your business

Government is here to help (HA HA) so dealing with some of the things they expect in return for that help.

...- GST, BAS... Company Returns compulsory Work Cover

Newspaper advertising for a month costs more than a website for a year.....and a website is alot less than yellow pages   -

Website, the design process, implementation and hosting options etc.explained                                          

As well as explaining web sites, we also offer a “turnkey” design process and will upload it to the web host of your choice.

Newspaper / different mailouts & flyers / websites / letterbox drops & various programs - which to choose to suit your business includes ideas oin branding

following on from or an alternative to our T4 course, if you would prefer we develop your “brand”. We will interview you and get your ideas and translate them into a professional salon image for your shop front, letterhead, business cards, website and flyers

from Keyboard Screen and Notebook, through Excel and Outlook to broadband, web hosting and “the cloud”... what they all mean and how  you might benefit from knowing more about them.

Why and how every business needs to have a  grip on where has come from and where it is going

Simply ask the business questions which are bothering  you and we will either answer them there or research and get an answer back to you in 48 hours.

the full business bundle, includes mentoring program, essential to ensure you get the full value from the commitment









from $1500





one on one $150 / hour or

for groups of 3 or more: $50 / hour per participant


website design software