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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin  14 Jan 2014



Anecita is an highly accomplished beauty therapist, as well as beauty therapy teacher, who enjoys providing a wide range of therapies and services for both ladies and men, including the following -

(These services are organised under the following headings.

Simply click on a main heading or one of the tabs at the top of the page to find out more)


Hair Removal - for men and women

        • Permanent Laser Hair Removal
        • Electrolysis
        • Waxing


Makeup - mostly for women

        • Day Makeup
        • Evening Makeup
        • Wedding and other Special Event Makeup


 Skin Rejuvination - for men and women

        • Laser Skin Rejuvination
        • Non-Surgical Facelift (Galvanotherm Ridumat)
        • Facials and Intensive Facial


Body and Weight Treatments - for men and women

        • Slimtone
        • VibroSaun


Skin Blemishes Removal -  for men and women

        • Naturopathic Herbal Solutions for agespots, skin blemishes
        • Laser Spider Vein Removal
        • Laser Skin Blemish, Age Spot, Acne Scar and Birth Mark Removal


Tattoo Removal - for men and women

        • Laser Multi-Colour Tattoo Removal


Teeth Whitening - for men and women

        • Bright-White-Smile In Clinic  service
        • White-Light - home treatment kit


Client Products - for men and women

          we also hold a small selection of recommended retail products.                     Most of these products we also use as part of our own                                 personal appearance maintenance routines


To Discover more about any of our services 

simply email: or telephone 1300 462 912



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