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We have offered our “Bright White Smile” service for some years now.

it is a very effective treatment which safely, painlessly and instantly whitens the teeth using a controlled peroxide solution and an activation lamp

the benefits of whitening last approximately 2+ years or more, depending on your lifestyle

The only note of caution - if you already have sensitive teeth, this may aggrevate your sensitivity.

However, unlike some systems, because the application is controlled and cannot be abused, this system will not cause sensitivity

a “Bright White Smile” is only available as an in-cliniic service but its effectiveness is guaranteed - or your money back


For those who want a home service we offer our economic “White-Light” Kit.

this is also a peroxide and light based system

You can buy a kit and administer it personally in your own home, at your own convenience

 Like Bright White Smile we have tested it and the results are impressive.

However, we warn all buyers to follow the instructions exactly and do not vary from them or you might end up with sensitive teeth.


Of these two treatments “Bright White Smile” will whiten the entire row of teeth, both upper and lower but “White-Light” will only whiten the front 10 or so teeth, upper and lower,  not the back.

We like both these teeth whitening systems and believe the best “value for money” solution available to our clients is -

1 Book for a “Bright White Smile” treatment, to get your teeth the whiteness you want

2 buy a “white-light” kit to maintain the whiteness longer


like to know more - email: or telephone 1300 462 912



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