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Skin Rejuvination for men and women

Our skin rejuvination services are as popular with men and with women. A facial is intended to remove grime and dirty which get trapped in the skins pores.

For ladies this is often aggrevated by improper removal of makeup.

For men it can be building dust and cancernogenics pollutants from  construction sites.

Laser Skin Rejuvination

We can offer two formats of Laser Treatment for Skin Rejuvination -

Nd-YAG suitable for mainly for tattoo removal, this system is also effective at removing blemishes and spider veins and skin conditioning

E-Light suited to acne scar removal and enlarged pore shrinking, wrinkle removal and skin conditioning and skin rejuvination

Note - RF Combination with E-Light - will permanently remove all colours and types of hair


Non-Surgical Facelift (Galvanotherm Ridumat)

this is not a laser system but works with a collegen gel. The collagen is sculptured into the facial skin in  a particular way to reverse the “sag” associated with natural ageing

This is a very effective treatment system and since Anecita has been using it on herself and her sisters for a number of years, you know you are safe


Facials and Intensive Facial

Facial are performed at two levels, basic and intensive. the difference, for the intensive you experience a more intensive regime of deeper cleansing, comodone extraction and additional intense skin massage.

For ladies, we would suggest start with an intense facial and maintain with a basic facial

For men,  we suggest to keep the skin clean and clear of cancerogenics, it will likely need an intense facial at regularly intervals


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