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First the bad news

We are all vulnerable to skin blemishes

Just the process of “Ageing”, which we cannot escape, rewards us with age spots, a common and natural and harmless discolouration of the skin surface.

Similarly, some of us carry the scars of acne from our youth and some of us are just born with “birth marks”


Now the Good News

To address these problems we can offer a range of treatments using different technologies / solutionsspiderveins

Laser Spider Vein Removal

When doing the initial testing of our new laser equipment we successfully treated some spider veins which Anecita had on her leg - we can also treat spider veins anywhere they appear on the body (excepting if they are too close to the eye)             

                                                       spider veins before/after               


Laser Skin Blemish, Age Spot, Acne Scar and Birth Mark RemovalCO2-Laser-Treatment-New-York-Acne-Scars

As the picture at the top of the page shows, age spots, whilst harmless can have a negative effect on our appearance and self esteem. so too the old Acne scars of youth and birth marks (both flat and undulating)

“Laser” treatments can provide a safe and permanent solution to these blemish issues

acne before/after            

We do not follow a “One-Solution Fixes All” approach.

With many years experience from working in Beauty Therapies, we have the depth of experience to understand how different solutions suit different people and some clients may have their own beliefs which make one option unacceptable.


Therefore we are happy to offer genuine Alternatives -


Naturopathic Herbal Solutions for agespots, skin blemishesAge-Spot-Removal

Anecita’s study of Naturopathy (she is a fully registed Naturopath) gives her the experience and confidence to suggest, for those who do not want Laser treatment, a valid alternative

A natural, Chinese herbal remedy which she tested firston her own face to remove age spots on the cheeks, with great success

age spots before/after                

Camouflage Makeupcomouflagemakeup

This may be the only solution for some blemishes and we address it mainly on the “Makeup” page. Anecita accomplishments in Makeup are legendary and she will find the right makeup colour tone to match the skin and make a blemish a thing of the past


birthmark before/after  


for all of these treatments we provide a

FREE assessment service, cost estimate and treatment plan before you commit

simply email or telephone 1300 462 912



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