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Facial Makeup has been with us for centuries and the future will see its popularity continue

We offer a range of Client Makeup Services

Day Makeup - for someone who wants to create a good impression

Evening Makeup - for someone who wants to intruige and beguile

Special Event Makeup - for someone who wants to dazzle and promote themselves in the best possible manner for a spoecial event.... maybe a marriage or formal night out

Coverup / concealer makeup - for blemishes acquired both at birth or by accident


Anecita will be happy to help you find and apply the right makeup according to your personality, complexion and the intended situation

for every “day” or “evening” makeup she can apply it and instruct you in applying it for yourself


Of course, for those busy people who are “time poor” and find it difficult to find opportunity to maintain applied makeup during the course of their hectic day, we offer

Cosmetic Tattooing

- also known as

    Semi-Permanent Makeup -

    A specialty service which should only be performed by an expert - Anecita is such an expert

    the purposes of cosmetic tattooing are

        1 to enhance natural features and correct any minor imperfections

        2 to reduce the time required to maintain makeup standards


    Stay beautiful all the time, from waking, after shower, after sports etc. etc....

              NO MORE PROBLEMS!!

      No fear of “panda eyes” after watching a teary “chick-flick” movie

    Semi permanent make-up for eyebrows — lipline — eyeliner — beauty spots

    Any “image” challenges can be satisfied and sometimes natures “limits” corrected, with semi-permanent pigment colouring, implanted into the skin and judicially applied by an expert, to produce the well defined facial assets you wish for in —

                BEAUTY SPOTS

    and all in natural pigment colours mixed to suite your complexion and personality

    Please contact us at least two weeks before you wish to show off your newly defined facial enhancements - to allow any post-application swelling / bruising of the soft tissues to pass.

footnote - when it comes to facial cosmetic tattoos, your last thought should be about finding someone “cheaper” -

it is your face - so, only ever go to the “best”


    Cosmetic Semi-Permanent Pigment Implant Pricing:

                                                         Full Set of Eye Brows = $380.00

                                Half Eye Brows: Beginning to Centre = $300.00
                                                                 or Centre to End = $200.00
                                                             Small Area in Brow = from $60.00

                                 Eye Liner Top: Thin Line Slight Taper = $330.00
                                                                 Thick Line Taper = from $380.00
                           Eye Liner Bottom: Thin Line Slight Taper = $200.00
                                                                 Thick Line Taper = from $250.00

                                                                          Full Lipline = $400.00

                                                                       Beauty Spots = $60.00

NOTE tattooing is not pain free  - so, we use a topical aneasthetic to minimise discomfort


Here is an example of expertly applied full cosmetic tattoo procedure - brows, eyeliner and lips.

                      Picture 1 BEFORE                                                     Picture 3 AFTER healing

      note: cosmetic tattooing is intended to enhances the natural beauty of the features or fill in any minor imperfections, giving better defined eyebrows, lips and eyeliner and saving hours of makeup application....

the cosmetic benefit of permanent tattooing is approximately 10 years

Picture 2 Immediately after tattooing

shows the short term effects - swollen and also some bruising - which will disappear in say 2 weeks


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we provide a free assessment service which includes: preparation instructions, procedure instructions and post procedure (healing time) instructions, to ensure you achieve the best results


contact us


telephone: 1300 462 912

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