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We Offer Several Alternatives for Hair Removal

These solutions vary according to their speed of delivery, duration of benefit (temporary or permanent), method / technology of delivery and 

they are as popular with men as they are with ladies


Hair grows in cycles or phases. Some hair will be maturing and ready to fall out, to be replaced by new growth, some will have extended into view beyond the follicle and some will be growing but unseen within the hair follicle

So when you have any hair treatment you will never be able to address all the hair at the same time and for any method of permanent removal, several visits will be needed to achieve a completely hair-free state

LASER - Hair Removal

Yes, full and permanent hair removal -

for all hair colours and skin types

We have done the research, identified several laser-light based methods and recently purchased the latest equipment from overseas

To help you make an informed choice, we have client preparation notes, post-treatment support instructions and advises on what to expect and how many treatments might be needed

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    This service should only ever be provided by a suitably qualified practitioner



    the original permanent hair removal process which works by destroying the individual hair follicle one by one. It is a popular method of hair control and can be applied to hair anywhere on the body.

    This service should only ever be provided by a suitably qualified practitioner.

    Anecita is such a practitioner with over 30 years experience behind her.

    Pricing from $1.50 per minute - minimum service = 10 minutes


Until the recent development / innovations in laser treatments -

Electrolysis was the only permanent hair removal system available

Body and facial Hair Waxing

We treat every part of the body where unwanted hair grows, arms, legs, torso and the “intimate zone”..... as well as all parts of the face

Anecita is an expert in waxing and has trained hundreds of beauty therapist in this  popular method of temporary hair removal

this is a quick, inexpensive and temporarily effective treatment for unwanted hair


to find out more simply email: or telephone: 1300 462 912

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