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A.E.B.H. Training School & Services
Training the Ambitious to be the Excellent

Our Key Trainers:

Anecita Estavilla-Maullin has devoted her life to the formal study of a wide  range of qualifications, including medicine and law and ultimately  devoted her life study to health and wellbeing

She is a qualified Medical Specialist, Beauty Therapist, Naturopath and Hypnotherapist.

Following University and medical training, she worked for 15 years as a Hospital  Pathologist then spent 20+ years in building AEBH Training School &  Services and from 2007 to 2010 further studied and successfully  completed courses in Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine and Hypnotherapy.

With her experience of operating a Registered Training Organisation, under  the rules of the Australian Quality Framework and under the operating  requirements and standards of the Federal Governments CRICOS  (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas  Students), she is perfectly qualified and experienced to deliver almost  any course but particularly these Hair, Nail and Beauty Therapy courses.

Beyond the technical and bureaucratic rules of operation, a AEBH student has a reputation which precedes them, because Anecita is a very caring  individual, who opts to persevere until she is sure a student is up to  her own high standards of competency, rather than simply print  certificates, leaving supposedly qualified student to flounder in the  work place.

Derek Maullin is Anecita’s husband. He is a Chartered Management Accountant  of over 35 years professional membership standing. After many years working in medium to large  companies, he opted to spend the past 25 years consulting to Private and Public Companies and Government in UK, Australia and USA, on matters of accounting and finance, computer systems and the development of  computer applications for businesses as diverse as bakeries, doctors,  banks and prisons. He is a Past-President of the Institute of Certified  Management Accountants  an international institute of specialist accountants and has recently undergone further training to present  some Advanced Strategic Management Accounting and Advanced Business  Analysis training programs, internationally.

Working as a consultant means he runs his own (small) business, administers AEBH and is  excellently equipped to present the AEBH Training’s Business  Management programs and tutor programs, designed to help prepare AEBH  students or any small / medium business operator to understand some of  the risks, responsibilities, challenges and practicalities of setting up and operating their own salon or small/medium business


More About AEBH Training School & Services

Our goal, on this website, is to provide you with some useful information about our school,  which will make it easier for you to understand how our services may  benefit you.

AEBH is a beauty, hair and nail training and services company formed in  1989, which grew to encompass four training schools, three in Melbourne  located at Glenroy, Dandenong, Reservoir and one located in Liverpool,  near Sydney, by Anecita Estavilla-Maullin known previous to her recent  marriage as ‘Annie Baylosis’ (a name popular among the hundreds of  people she has trained over the past 20+ years).

The core activity of our school has been the provision of training and  accreditation to Australian Standards of beauty therapists, nail  technologists and hairdressers across a range of different vocational  disciplines and skills, including:


This highly specialised skill depends as much on client empathy, patience, a cool head and  steady hand, as much as it does on technical knowledge.


Embracing / including skin and facial treatments, makeup practices, manicure and  pedicure, a wide range of different acrylic and gel nail techniques,  waxing for all parts of the body, lash treatments, massage techniques, reflexology and semi-permanent makeup.


Hair cutting, male and female, from foundation level to advanced level. Hair styling for day, evening and bridal and ‘Hair-up’ specialist styling

All and any of our courses can be the foundation for Adult Re-Skilling.

Under Anecita’s expert and experienced guidance, we now offer a comprehensive range of structured short courses, across a wide range of beauty  therapies.

Plus a brief but thorough business basics startup course valuable for anyone commencing or thinking of commencing the operation of their own  business, not necessarily in beauty, hair or nails - and a range of  tutoring programs suitable for anyone who wants or needs to know more  about some of the important aspects of running a business

Among a broad portfolio of accomplishments, Anecita can include: being a  qualified assessor and consultant in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and holder of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. These  certifications, along with a decades of practical training experience in all the beauty therapies establishes

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Anecita as one of most accomplished and professional “trainers” available. -

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To maintain her proficiency in her compendium of skills, Anecita still  practices them in some selected areas of the beauty therapies, which she has since enhanced by acquiring competencies in Acupuncture and  Naturopathy, both skills she deploys to help her clients maintain and  sometimes improve their youthful presentation -

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The goal of our Training School remains a simple one:

To Train the Ambitious to be the Excellent

(because, to succeed in todays competitive world, you will need a lot of both)



Finally, the legal bits...


‘AEBH Training School and Services’ is a registered trading name of

Del Sol Pty Ltd ACN 072 007 571.

Registered Office:

30, Melbourne Avenue, Glenroy, Vic. 3046, Australia

Please Note:

Our PayPal account is registered in the name of our legal entity, Del Sol Pty Ltd.


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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin  Director AEBH TS&S


Derek Maullin      Director AEBH TS&S